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Core Values

“The Salvation of Nations Ministry" works towards encouraging and rousing its staff and volunteers to imbibe internalize and exhibit these defined core values of the organization.

Dedicated to God’s Mission:- We put God first. We are committed to His vision & great commission and doing our best to accomplish it.

Respect:- Believing in our appreciating the skills, dignity and potentials of all human being.

Serving others/ Relationships:- We are oriented towards serving all mankind, including the people in India, our partners, and our co-workers. We put each of these others before ourselves, are respectful of them, and motivate then.

Accountability:- We hold ourselves and others accountable as well as liable for finishing the tasks and accomplishing the objectives of the organization.

Integrity:- we are maintaining social, ethical and organizational norms and adhering to the code of conduct.

Excellence:- we always use to set high performance standards and being accountable for and responsible toward our work and objectives.

Follower of Jesus lifestyle:- We trust Jesus Christ in our personal lives and in our work and will strive for a lifestyle characterized by biblical values.