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Women's Empowerment Programs

“A women is the complete circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform” - Raj Babu Jha

The Salvation of Nations Ministry is committed & focused for all the poor, needy, migrant, and deprived women’s of our societies. We found that still they have not get their place in the societies; they being persecuted, and facing domestic violence etc. in our communities and societies. We believe that it is a women who plays a dominant role in the basic life of a child; women’s are an important section of our societies. The women’s empowerment programs intended to assist marginalized & deprived woman to improve their self-confidence by helping them improve their literacy and professional skills or IT skills. Living in a male dominated societies, a huge number of women especially in rural part of India are illiterate and lack of the opportunities to develop this (and other) fundamental skills.

TSNM, India will assist & help local women’s in task including teaching and enhancing their knowledge of professional skills. Improve their basic education Hindi listening, reading, writing and communication skills, their fundamental rights etc. Teaching them about basic personal hygiene, nutritional & healthy food, TSNM, India may also enhance their potentials & skills and confidence with other creative ideas.