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Sanskar Children’s Development Programs

“Education is the most powerful weapon, we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Our prime drive is to educate our children’s of this country so that the future of our country could be safe and bright. “The Salvation of Nations Ministry” help children’s to unlock their potential and realize their dreams and goals of life. We believe that every child is extraordinary and can scale great height if provide with the right learning opportunities. With the generous donations and support from our supporters, we are able to march steadily towards achieving our goals. We are committed to ensure that all children, irrespective of their origin are able to reach the school, play, interact and learn with other children of their age. We help Children with the limited means sharpen their creativity and skills under the guidance of trained teacher and make persistent effort to enable them to secure a life of dignity for themselves, their families, and the country at large. We work with the local communities to ensure that they hold accountability of the development of the children’s in their community and that even the most poor, deprived and marginalized children in their areas are sent to our “Sanskar Siksha Kendra” or School and they stay there.

At present “The Salvation of Nations Ministry” runs “Sanskar Children’s Development Programs (SCDP) in Delhi & Uttarprades to support the education of the most marginalized children’s of India in different ways. Where children’s coming from the socially excluded communities are provided learning and/ or after school support.

In year 2019-20 around 7000 (Seven Thousand) children’s get benefitted through our education project. The wonderful effect of education span generations, with your contribution and support; we can give children a better future by giving them an opportunity to go to school.